The Interseksi Foundation is an independent not for profit organization. It was started in October 2001, as a series of discussions to capture the problems that Indonesian society faced after the demise of the New Order regime. Participants to the forum came from a large variety of academic and professional backgrounds, each of whom had to write an individual paper related to the general theme of discussion, and were given enough time to make a presentation. To depict the intersection of ideas developed in the discussions, the series was then affectionately named Forum Interseksi. You could find more information on this in our Forum Interseksi page.

Two years after the first series of discussions at forum Interseksi, in 2003, we transformed the forum into an independent legal body. We started to look back to where we began and tried to envision what we are about to achieve through the establishment of the foundation in the future. From some entre nous conversation in cafes in Jakarta, we become involved in some serious discussions on our programmatic agenda. We then met more regularly, and it became more extensive as we were urged to lay-out the very foundation for this our brainchild CSO. And to keep the spirit we shared and in homage to our historical moments at forum Interseksi we named the foundation the Interseksi Foundation. We inscribe the foundation “for knowledge and humanity”.


The main objective of the Interseksi foundation is to build a tolerant and yet critical society in Indonesia. We want to help people to cope with the future by promoting cultural diversities and the virtues of human liberty and democracy. To achieve such an objective the foundation, in collaboration with other parties, executes activities mainly aimed at fostering critical civil society in Indonesia. Our goal is to stand at the intersection of science, art, and humanity.

  • Encourage debate and dissent on publics issues.
  • Facilitate the exchange of ideas amongs those who have concern with cultural and political issues in Indonesia and the world over.
  • Promote a critical and yet tolerant society in Indonesia.
  • Fostering respect for diversity in nurturing political democracy.
  • Our middle-term strategic vision is to establish a lose network for esteemed researchers and socially highly committed public intellectuals.


Our core competencies are in research and publication. Armed with young, creative and very talented staffs, the foundation is set up as a response to the rapid societal changes in contemporary Indonesia.


We realize that we only have a modest resource to cope with the intricacies of contemporary problems in a compressed world brought about by the so-called globalization. On such a ground we have decided to focus only on four interrelated platforms: Research, publication, documentary video production, and training program for young researchers and video makers. As we live in an ecosystem of social institutions, it virtually is impossible for us to carry out our activities alone. We undertake our research in collaboration with our partners, be it an international funding agency and or NGOs, local NGOs, government agencies or local communities nestled in some remote areas of the country.



Since our resources are modest when compare to the intricacies of current problems, we have to focus only on a limited number of program strategies. We based our program activities on four interrelated platforms: Research, publication, media campaign, and networking. Our advocacy and publication activities are based on the finding of our research and vice versa. On the other hand, as we live in an ecosystem of social institutions, it virtually is impossible for us to carry out our activities alone. We always undertake our research in collaboration with our partners, be it an international funding agency and or NGOs, local NGOs, government agencies or local communities nestled in some remote areas in the country.


The platform of activities provides organizing focus for the current program of the Interseksi Foundation.

For the next five years, the foundation will be focusing its interest in the two following areas of concern:

  • Promoting inclusive citizenship as an integral part of political democracy
  • Developing knowledge-based social advocay
  • Advocating inclusive citizenship within the fledgling local democracy
  • Policy stuides on the rights of the citizen in some districts in Sulawesi

We will pursue our goals from four interelated approaches:

  • Research
  • Film/Media campaign
  • Critical Discussion with selected participants, and
  • Publication Series



Forum Interseksi was initially an internal program of the Japan Foundation Jakarta Office where Hikmat Budiman, cofounder and is currently the chairperson of the Interseksi foundation, had worked with for five years. Assigned as a program coordinator of the intellectual exchange division of the foundation, in the year 2000 he designed a program to facilitate discussions amongst young Indonesian intellectuals and activists on current political issues resulted from political turmoils in Indonesia during the period of post “reformasi” movement.

In the fiscal year of 2001, the foundation initiated a forum later to be named “Forum Interseksi” for young intellectual in the region of Jakarta, Bandung, Bogor, Depok, and Yogyakarta to critically and freely discuss the current issues they have been faced with. The main objective of the discussion was to encourage young activists and/or intellectuals to share ideas to each other and to build a critical understanding of social, cultural and political phenomena recently occurred after the downfall of Soeharto’s New Order Regime back in 1998.

10/30/2001 The Japan Foundation, Jakarta The Japan Foundation, Jakarta Indonesian CSOs After Wahid Era
01/15-17/2002 Hotel Panorama, Bandung The Japan Foundation and Desantara, Institute for Cultural Studies Communalism and the Future of Democracy in Indonesia
03/19/2002 The Japan Foundation, Jakarta The Japan Foundation, Jakarta Regional Autonomy, Regional Justice
08/12-14/2002 Hotel Selabintana, Sukabumi Forum Interseksi and The Japan Foundation, Jakarta Civil Rights: Conceptual Discourses and Indonesian Experience
01/27-29/2003 Hotel Grage Sangkan Hurip, Kuningan Forum Interseksi and The Japan Foundation, Jakarta Civil Rights (Part II)
06/7-9/2007 Perkumpulan Pergerakan Office, Bandung The Interseksi Foundation, Perkumpulan Pergerakan, and Perkumpulan Inisiatif, Bandung State, Market, and Intellectual
06/15-17/2007 PUSKAD Yogyakarta The Interseksi Foundation, Perkumpulan Inisiatif, Perkumpulan Pergerakan, Perkumpulan Lafadl The Post-New Order Youth in Indonesia




Interseksi is designed as a small and nimble civil society organization. By the end of 2005 we decided to have a courage to trim the structure of our organization, and are now focusing on how to get the job done. In addition, as listed below, we are armed with very competent task forces members to whom we delegate our programatic agenda.

The Board

  • Hikmat Budiman
  • Didik Supriyanto
  • Nico Harjanto
  • Mashudi Noorsalim
  • Irine H. Gayatri
  • Chaeder Bamualim


  • Riefky Bagas Prastowo (Program)
  • Syarifah Ratnawati (Program)
  • Sofian Munawar (Program)
  • Stephanie Amalia DJohar (Program)
  • Dya Waskara Setia Mukti Perkasa (Finance)
  • Hendrawan


  • Didik Supriyanto (Politics, Electoral System)
  • Hikmat Budiman (Sociology)
  • Nico Harjanto (Political Science)
  • Irene H. Gayatri (Conflict and Gender Studies)
  • Syarifah Ratnawati ((Junior Researcher)
  • Sofian Munawar (Human Rights)
  • Mashudi Noorsalim (Conflict Studies)
  • Radjimo Sastro Wijono(History)
  • Stephanie Amalia Djohar (Junior Researcher)
  • Riefky Bagas Prastowo (Junior Researcher)



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Slama, Martin,  “Transformasi Keintiman di Indonesia? Sebuah Kajian Awal tentang Ciuman”, in <>, visited on May 20th, 2014.


You can submit articles or essays on any topic related to the issues of culture, politics, ecomony, etc., to be published on the Interseksi Foundation’s official internet homepage (refer to hereafter as INTERSEKSI. ORG). To submit the articles/essays please observe the following requirements:

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Please Support Interseksi

Even though sometimes we accept grants from certain funding agencies, the income is never sufficient to cover the expenses involved in keeping the foundation alive. So we are asking you to support us by making a donation to help make up the large gap between what we need and what we receive. All we ask is that you donate what you want, when you want. How much? That’s up to you, of course, and we appreciate your generosity regardless of how much money you donate. The easiest way to send a donation is via bank transfer. If you prefer to send us a cheque or money order directly, please make it payable to the Interseksi Foundation (Yayasan Interseksi) Jakarta. We also accept books, journals, or magazines donation for our newly setup library. Your generosity will not be forgotten. We owe you a great debt of gratitude.

Please also note that we only accept donation through the official/institutional bank account of the Interseksi Foundation. Do not send your donation to any personal bank account of the foundation’s management team or its members. Thank you very much in advance.




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