Since it was legally established as an independent legal body in 2003, Interseksi has conducted several researches on various subjects in Poso, Sampit, Singkawang, Ambon, Bulukumba, Central Java, Lombok, Morowali, and South Kalimantan. In the year 2006 we are about to dispatch our research team to Hotatinggi in North Sumatra, Tolotan community in Sidrap, South Sulawesi, Orang Sakai community in Riau province, Kampung Naga community in West Java, Dayak Tidung and Dayak Agabag in Sembakung subdistrict, East Kalimantan, and some other places in the country.




Our researches has been mainly focused at the intersection of political and cultural issues that Indonesian people are confronted with during the transitional period resulted from the demise of the old authoritarian political regime on the one hand, and the emergence of new social formations promoting more just, accountable, and democratic system on the other.



Our first research was on the role of Conflict Entrepreneurs in the violent conflicts in Maluku between the Moslems and the Christians that took place in 1999 to 2000. The research was also aimed at seeking theoretical possibilities of utilizing the concept of conflict entrepreneur in potraying various conflicts in contemporary Indonesia. This was a literature investigation research, and was sponsored by the Japan Foundation, Jakarta. The second research was on Conflict Prevention during the Last General Election in Indonesia. Sponsored by the Tifa Foundation, Jakarta, this was actually a combination of field research and strategic action in preventing conflict in four post-conflict areas in Indonesia, ie., Poso in Central Sulawesi, Singkawang in West Kalimantan, Ambon in Molucas, and Sampit in Central Kalimantan. In addition to the field research, we also undertook some collaborative actions with several local NGOs in the respective areas. We published the result in a book entitled Konflik dan Pemilu. Civic Engagement dalam Pemilu 2004. Kasus Empat Daerah Pasca Konflik di Indonesia (2004).


The third research, which was also sponsored by the Tifa Foundation, Jakarta, was on Minority Rights and Muticulturalism in Five Local Communities in Indonesia. This is a three-year project that interseksi is going to conduct in collaboration with sme other parties in the various locations. The very n
otion of this activity is how to trace or to map the issues on multiculturalism and its lingkage to the minority rights problem faced by local communities throughout the country. The finding of our firs phase research project has just been released in a book entitled Hak Minoritas. Dilema Multikulturalisme di Indonesia. The book has received some very positive reviews and has been used as a teaching material in some universities in Indonesia.




In 2006/2007 we organized a further reseach on minority rights and mlticulturalism in Indonesia. It consisted of two interrelated activities: policy research and field research in four, in Gramscian terminology, subaltern communities throughout the country. Our focus was on the processes of minoritization the local communities have to deal with in their entire life. We published the result of the research on a book entitled Hak Minoritas. Multikulturalisme dan Dilema Negara Bangsa. We believe the book will make positive contribution to the efforts of advocating minority rights and to the advancement of discourses on multiculturalism in the country.

In 2008/2009 our research on minority rights issues was conducted in several local communities: Orang Sakai community in Riau province; Kampung Naga community in Tasik Malaya, West Java; Buda community in Lombok Utara, Nusa Tenggara Barat; and; Dayak Tidung and Dayak Agabag community in Sembakung subdistrict, Nunukan, East Kalmantan. We also conducted a video documentary project to visually capture the problematic situations that the communities live in the are has been faced with. At the end of the project we published a book entitled Hak Minoritas. Ethnos, Demos, dan Batas-batas Multikulturalisme, edited by Hikmat Budiman, and a documentary video entitled Pomatodon [Dongeng Negeri Seluar Peta] directed by Dirmawan Hatta.


Interseksi’s Research on Minority and Multiculturalism Issues [2003-2010]

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Action Research on Conflict Prevention During General Election 2004 in Four Post-Conflict Areas: Research on Minority Rights and Multiculturalism Phase I in: Research on Minority Rights and Multiculturalism Phase 2 in: Audio-Visual Research on Minority Rights in: Research on Minority Rights and Multiculturalism Phase 3 in:
Ambon, Maluku Wetu Telu Community, Lombok, East Nusa Tenggara Wong Tengger Community, East Java ToWana Community, Morowali, Central Sulawesi Mentawai Community, Siberut, West Sumatra
Singkawang, Central Kalimantan ToWana Community, Central Sulawesi Ahmadiyah Moslem Community, Cianjur, West Java Orang Sakai Community, Riau
Poso, Central Sulawesi Tanah Toa Kajang Community, South Sulawesi ToWani Tolotang Community, South Sulawesi Kampung Naga Community, West Java
Sampit, East Kalimantan Dayak Pitap Community, South Kalimantan Parmalim Community in Medan, North Sumatra Agama Buda Community, Lombok, West Nusatenggara
Sedulur Sikep Community, Pati, Central Java Documentary Video in Sembakung, East Kalimantan
Researches on Human Rights in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Medan