Fresh from the Oven

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Just in case you were too engrossed with real life to notice, here's the quick background. In April 2010 we kicked off our Cross Culture Video Making Project for Peace: Crossing Boundaries 2010. We selected participants from Papua and Aceh to make videos in Jakarta; participant from Ambon make video in Makassar; and participants from Jakarta and Bandung in Medan and Makassar. We had a participant from Palu (Central Sulawesi), but he withdrew his participation in the program due to a health issue. We trained them all in a five-day pre-production workshop before dispatched them to the production sites. Read our previous posts to see more information.

After the fieldwork, we then regroup all the participants in a 10-day workshop on post-production activities in July, and they all had come back to their respective hometown after the workshop was concluded. The next step for us is to finalize the videos that participants has painstakingly composed during the workshop, and to compile and package them into a single DVD-video. At the initial stage, we are going to distribute the DVD to some of our partners while we are screening the videos for public discussion in Makassar, Jakarta, and Medan.

Hundreds of hours have passed here in our office, and now the DVD is already forming a golden master ready to be duplicated. It contains 6 (six) documentary videos with the themes range from Lapo (traditional Batakese tavern) and Indian Tamil-bloodline Medanese in North Sumatra to Spaniard Portuguese-pedigreed Betawi People in Kampung Tugu in Jakarta to the traditional Buginese vegetables street vendor in Makassar.

If some of you were interested with the videos, the DVD will be available on a Print-on-Demand basis. The pricing is not yet available as of this writing.