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Our publication is quoted as any print publication. However, due to the dynamic nature of the internet, you have to observe the following special features:

In order to initially or again find the article, you have to write the correct Internet address:

the internet address for all articles in our (online) publication goes something like this:

http://interseksi.org/publications/essays/articles/title.html (all in lower-case letters).

http://interseksi.org/publications/essays/articles/conflict_ entrepreneurs.html (all in lower-case letters).

Instead of the "title" you should insert the file name of the article.html (conflict-entrepreneurs.html in the above example). You can find the file name in the respective "Location" or "Address Bar" field of your internet browser.

In addition, you should also put the date/month/year of when you visited the page containing the article.

Example: http//interseksi.org/publications/essays/articles/pemilu_dan_diskursus_anti_politik_massa.html, 14 May 2006.

So if you want, let say, to quote article entitled "Masyarakat Majemuk, Masyarakat Multiultural, dan Minoritas: Memperjuangakan Hak-hak Minoritas" written by Parsudi Suparlan you visited on May 20th, 2006 on our site, your citation should be like this:

Suparlan, Parsudi "Masyarakat Majemuk, Masyarakat Multiultural, dan Minoritas: Memperjuangakan Hak-hak Minoritas", in Interseksi.org (accessed on 20th May 2006).


You can submit articles or essays on any topic related to the issues of culture, politics, ecomony, etc., to be published on the Interseksi Foundation's official internet homepage (refer to hereafter as INTERSEKSI. ORG). To submit the articles/essays please observe the following requirements:
1. Articles/essays/reviews should be written using computer word processors such as Microsoft Word, NeoOffice, StarOffice, OpenOffice or the likes. You can freely choose to use either English or bahasa Indonesia.

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5. Do not send articles/essays/reviews via traditional post mail or fax. We only accept articles/essays sent via electronic mail system.

6. Send articles/essays/reviews only to this our official email address.


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