navigatio In October 2013, we set up a research team that will conduct a joint-research on the cities in Sulawesi. The general theme of the research is on the citizenship and the dynamics of local politics. Led by Hikmat Budiman, senior researcher and the chairperson of the Interseksi Foundation, the team consists of our researchers and some of the alumni of our Research Training program. Having discussed a broad range of topics on Sulawesi in the last “expert meeting on Sulawesi” program, the next activity the team has to organize is a discussion forum that we call “Reading Course on Sulawesi” through which all researchers will build a deeper understanding on the subject of the research and on the current affair in each research location. We make it compulsory that at the end of the reading course every researcher will come up with a solid research design proposal before we dispatched them to the field. If everything goes as planned, the team will be conducting field research in the time frame of April – July 2014. On March 6-9, 2014 we have a pre-research workshop to discuss each of research design composed by the researchers. To critically discuss the research design proposal composed by each of our research team members, we invite Dr. Iwan Gardono of the Department of Sociology, University of Indonesia, and Irine Gayatri of Puslit Politik LIPI.

  Table 2. The List of Researcher on Joint-Research on the cities in Sulawesi


Name Location Other Info
 1. Hilma Safitri District of Minahasa Utara, North Sulawesi Alumni of Interseksi’s Research Training Class 2008
 2. Sofian Munawar District of Mamasa, West Sulawesi Senior Researcher at Interseksi
 3. Zulham Mahasin District of Gorontalo, Gorontalo Alumni of Interseksi’s Research Training Class 2013
 4. Riefky Bagas Prastowo District Donggala, Central Sulawesi Researcher at Interseksi
 5. Stephanie Amalia Johar District of Pohuwatu, Gorontalo Researcher at Interseksi and Alumni of Interseksi’s Research Training Class 2013
 6. Edi Sumardi District of Maros, South Sulawesi Alumni of Interseksi’s Research Training Class 2013
 7. Syarifah Ratnawati City of Baubau, Southeast Sulawesi Researcher at Interseksi


The Joint Research on the cities in Sulawesi has been our most important and time-consuming activity throughout the year 2014. As has been reported in our last Annual Report (March 30, 2014), we started the program in November 2013 by initiating a reading course activity through which all research-team member deepening their understanding of their respective research location. At the same time, our senior researcher was preparing a research framework, which will guide the researchers’ collecting data processes. We then organized a pre-research workshop to further discuss the proposals. The workshop is conducted on March 6-9, 2014 in Bogor, West Java.

The next following activity was the fieldwork to gather data from each location. There were two phases of the fieldwork. The first one was in March- May, 2014, and the second one was on May-June, 2014. In between of those two phases we held a three-day interim meeting to critically discuss the early research finding. The meeting was convened on 26-28 May 2014 in Makassar. During the meeting all researchers had to present their preliminary research finding. To enrich the researcher’s finding we invited two resource persons (Prof. Halilintar Lathief from State University of Makassar, and Basri Amin from State University of Gorontalo). Activists from local organizations and university’s students in Makassar, and lecturers from Makassar-based Islamic State University also actively participated in the discussion. The meeting was critically important for us as it has given the researchers valuable inputs from both the resource persons and other participants. After the meeting the researchers were dispatched back to their respective location to conduct the phase two of their fieldwork.

On June 2014 all researchers had already completed their fieldwork. This was a critical juncture for them as they had to prepare not one but two kinds of writing. One is the research report which comprises all the data they had collected from the field, and the other one is an academic essay on a particular issues that is of interest to them in each location. The report will be compiled as Monographs containing detail data of each research location, while the essays are researchers’ intellectual reflection on one particular topic of the report that they see is of higher relevancy. The essays will be published as a book. To prepare those two works we conducted biweekly discussions in our office in Jakarta, so that the researchers could openly discussed both their report and their essays drafts. The discussion run well from June to November 2014.


On 12-15 November 2014 we have a four-day report writing workshop at GG House, Bogor. As stated earlier, this year we have decided that after the fieldwork the researchers had to have two outputs: the detail narrative report based on their respective fieldwork, and an academic essay that focus on particular issues in each location. The draft of both the narrative reports and the essays had been prepared in our biweekly discussion. The list of researcher name, institutions, location and title of their research report and essay are listed on the Figure-2 below.

Figure-2. The List of Researchers’ Report Title and Their Corresponding Essay Title

No. Researcher Narrative Report Title Essay Title
1. Hilma Safitri District of Minahasa Utara, North Sulawesi Industri manusia untuk industri komoditas kelapa di Kabupaten Minahasa Utara
2. Zulham Siradjuddin District of Gorontalo, Gorontalo Province Aspek Sosial-Ekonomi dalam Pengembangan Danau Limboto, Kabupaten Gorontalo
3. Stephanie Djohar District of Pohuwato, Gorontalo Province Politik Jagung di Pohuwato
4. Riefky Bagas Prastowo District of Donggala, Central Sulawesi Dampak pembangunan ekonomi terhadap praktek pelayanan publik di Kabupaten Donggala
5. Sofian Munawar District of Mamasa, West Sulawesi Dinamika Demokrasi dalam Politik Lokal di Kabupaten Mamasa, Sulawesi Barat
6. Edi Sumardi District of Maros, South Sulawesi Oligarki PAN dan Integritas Penyelenggara Pemilu
7. Syarifah Ratnawati City of Baubau, Southeast Sulawesi Revivalisasi Keraton Buton: Kisah Tarik Menarik Kepentingan di Antara Sultan Buton